Computer Training

Computer Training


At Ives WebSolutions we take pride in working with our clients. This is why we created a Computer Training program to help benefit them. This program will teach you different

aspects of website management as well as website creation. Here at Ives WebSolutions we encourage our clients to take the tools they learn and use them to create a website that represents their business, their vision, and who they are as a company.

Our Computer Training program is designed to teach any person with basic computer knowledge how to take their webpage to the next level. In our program you will learn the basics of website management as well as more advanced tools.


While taking Ives Computer Training courses you will:

  • Learn how to directly post information onto your site

  • Learn how to post daily updates, such as soup of the day

  • Learn how to incorporate social media into your site


By taking part in Ives WebSolutions program you will give yourself the ability to build a professional grade website on your time. Learning to manage and update your own site opens the door to endless possibilities that can be created.


Once completing Ives WebSolutions Computer Training course you will be able to:

  • Post thoughts on current events

  • Update special offers

  • Add/Delete images or videos

  • Update daily deals and sales


The only person who knows exactly what you want is yourself, our computer training courses will teach you how to transfer your ideas into a website. Once you learn the tools you need to create your website you can customize and design it however you may desire. Our program gives you the opportunity to have a professional website that can be updated at your convenience, designed to your exact vision, and will save you money.

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