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Branding is the key to creating a successful business! Your brand is what will grab the attention of new potential customers and sum up what your company is all about. Establishing a brand that represents who you are is our goal. If you are wondering right now what are the components of branding, how do I create a brand, or simply what is branding, don’t panic Ives WebSolutions is here to help!


The Foundation of A Great Brand:

A brand is basically telling the customer who you are, what you are, and what you represent or sell. Your brand consist of your name, logo, advertisment, mission, slogan, design, website, objectives and anything else that will help distinguish yourself from competitors. In creating a brand you have to know who your market is. As a business your product will never appeal to everyone in the world, therefore your brand can’t try to target everyone in the world. We will assist you in distinguishing who your brand should target and how to attract that specific customer. Your product is what makes the brand. Whether you're selling an easy-to-use cost efficient product or a complex product designed for professional use, your brand needs to portray this. All major aspects of your business need to be embraced by your brand. Whether your going green, family run, constantly expanding, or thriving for the next big innovation,  these are all pieces of the puzzle that will enhance your brand and attract the target audience. Ives WebSolutions will create a brand that tells who you are and appeals to your target market.


Creating The Perfect Logo:

Setting your business apart from the competition is becoming increasingly difficult. Branding is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from competing companies. Your brand needs to give consumers a reason to try your products. It starts with your logo.


Ives WebSolutions steps to creating a Perfect Logo:

  1. Analyzing your businesses product and target market

  2. Incorporating your company's personality

  3. Creating a logo that catches people's eye, they will remember and associate with your company instantly!


The perfect logo has the ability to attract a plethora of new customers. Your logo is a way for the customer to recognize your product among their peers, in stores or online, and in advertisement. There are logos everywhere that stand out to us and we instantly know the business associated with it, McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s half bitten apple, and Nike’s swoosh are examples of logos that have been embedded in our minds. Ives WebSolutions will help you to create a logo that stands out from the crowd, embodies who you are, and attracts people to your products.


Using Branding To Distinguish Yourself From Competitors:

Your business is different than any other business out there. No two companies are exact the same. Branding is not fabricating your business in order to sound different, branding is the opposite, it’s revealing the truth about your business, because you are different. These differences that separate you from the competition is what your branding strategy needs to focus on.

At Ives WebSolutions we help build advertisements that highlight what makes you different than everyone else. We are branding more than your product, we are branding what your company is at heart. With our branding techniques customers will fall in love with your business. If customers believe in your business and what you represent, they will believe in the product you’re selling them.

Branding yourself correctly is the stepping stones to great business. Ives will help your business become a household name by creating a brand that suits your company. Ives WebSolutions will form a logo, advertisement, website, and design that will show customer your identity.



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