Tech Support

Tech Support

Technology can accomplish amazing feats, it can solve problems in seconds, it allows us to access information instantly. Technology has changed how we look at the world and go about our day-to-day lives. As we keep advancing into the future, our technology does as well. However, sometimes technology can work against us, it breaks down and becomes complicated or confusing. Eventually all computers, tablets, and mobile devices will need repairs and updates. Printers, fax machines, and copiers also need to be maintained. This is why Ives WebSolutions is here to resolve all of your tech issues. Our tech-support team has years of experience with a wide range of expertise in many different technological  fields. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and a passion for what they do. As always you can trust Ives WebSolutions to produce high quality results at a honest and fair price.

Common Issues We Help With:

  • Wi-Fi networks

  • Connecting to Wi-Fi from any device

  • Computer restarting for no reason

  • Software updates

  • Syncing all devices to one another

  • Printer connections, wireless or hardwired

  • Copier or Fax machine errors

  • Not being able to log-in

  • Computer running slow

  • Computer not recognizing flash drive

  • Retrieving deleted files


For all of the wonderful things technology can accomplish, it can also cause a great deal of anxiety. Ives WebSolutions tech-support is here to make your day easier and stress free. So stop pulling your hair out and let Ives WebSolutions deal with any technical problems you encounter.

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