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How much will my website cost?

There really is no standard answer for this question, Website Design and Development involves a great deal of planning. Detail is an extremely integral part of website development and this affects the price greatly.


Ives WebSolutions will provide a design questionnaire to help us get started in pricing the particulars for your website. Asking for a quote is free.


Many web design companies may charge a flat hourly rate even though the task performed may have only taken 15 min to complete.  Here at Ives WebSolutions honest fair pricing and only paying for services rendered is part of the core principles of our business practice.

We bill in 15 min increments. As a valued client of Ives WebSolutions you will never be billed for a whole hour for something that only took us 15 min to implement.


Ives WebSolutions, has an easy way to get started. With as little as $499 down and payments of $49 per month, you will be on your way to promoting your business, your brand and enjoying your profits with a quality website designed specifically for you by IvesWebSolutions. Contact us today for a Free Consultation.        

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Get what you pay for with Ives Web. We bill in 15 minute blocks compared to most competitors 1 full hour block.

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